Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Recent orders fulfilled

I continue to receive orders for the blankies - here a dog requested on a candy pink blankie. 
It is great to see all the variety in these blankies =)


More hippos!!!!

I love these hippos - every time they are just so cute! 

The customer decided to get moveable limbs here - all the more fun for the little ones who will receive them! =)

And another hippo ordered for a little grand-daughter! 
This time I posed with the hippo, to give an idea of the size...

They are so cuddly!!!!

A BIG project just for me!

With lots of wool left over from previous projects, I thought a big blanket for myself would be great! And warm! I notice the cold more than I would like, and already the blanket has had much use!

It took about a month to knit... Drove me nearly crazy in some ways, but it was fun to change colours and to watch it grow...

I don't plan on offering these for sale, or even on order. 

Just thought you might like to see what I have been up to! =)

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Look at those ears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2016 has been a big year for new products, and here we have another!

A friend contacted me looking for a toy/friend for a little one, and after showing her what was available, she ordered a little bunny...

"Oh, he's adorable!" - her reaction on seeing this picture says it all, doesn't it?

With moveable limbs, standing 32 cm tall (and this is the smallest of his family) and just gorgeous - this really is another great product from Rainebodesigns!

So, sorry, this one is sold - but please feel free to contact me with your order (contact form on the right) for your own. Options for colour, size, etc are available...

Rattie - the new kid on the block!

Like all rats in the wilds of Sydney, this Rattie is loving with some battle wounds.

As a young rat, he was strong and courageous, but sadly his left arm was hurt in a fierce fight.

Or wait, maybe Rattie is trying out a new dance move?

Why not give him a home? 15cm tall, measuring 18cm from toe tip to tail tip, make of 100% acrylic, he could be yours???

Thursday, May 26, 2016

New product range

Many of the knitting patterns I use are from the amazing Lorraine at Rainebo Designs! 
I LOVE her work - it is just amazing!!! 
My dream would be to design knitting patterns as beautifully as she does =) 
One day, maybe....

I noticed recently that she has a baby animal range, and so went and bought a few of them =)
And as soon as I had got my custom orders under control, I went to work making my first.

Take a look here:

Those little wings just look ready to fly! =)

My kids love these toys, and are SO good at gently picking them up and giving them a gentle hug - because if things went their way - they would keep the lot!!!! =)


At time of writing, little ducky was not sold, I wonder how long it will take before that happens?


Would you say ducky is a girl or boy? Debate is fierce here ;)

A few custom orders!

April was busy with an order for a poncho, which expanded to include 3 beanies! 
They were all in black yarn, which made me feel old - my sight seems to be changing and black was harder to see, but I got it done, and have some very satisfied customers! Yah!!! =)

Made with 10ply 100% wool, this is a very warm poncho for a colder climate, and although winter has not started, has been much used =)

A friend is having her first little bub, and I had the dream of making a baby mobile from hearts - 

How do you think it looks?


After my success with a poncho, I knew I just had to make one for myself =) So although mine is not as long, nor in 10ply wool, it suits my purpose and I am very happy with it!


Yet another blankie has been made - this being my 58th!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Hippo Happiness!!!

Recently I was contacted by an expectant mother. She wanted a knitted toy for her baby boy. We discussed options, and she decided - with the help of her husband - that a hippo would be lovely.

Personally I think hippos can be really cute, so I was only too happy to oblige =)

And this hippo sure came out looking just too cute!

See for yourself!

I wonder what his name will be...

His arms just stretch out to give a hug - don't you think?


That cute heart on his foot!!! He does wear his heart where all can see it! =)

Did you spot his little tail?


Contact me, if you want something knitted but aren't quite sure what is available - I love to try new toys!