Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The process of producing a wonderful toy

Just in case you are wondering what goes into this great job I have - turning fairly boring looking balls of yarn into something amazing, I thought I would show you....

So we start:

with yarn and needles.
 I am a little different to most and  I always, always knit with circular needles - that is knitting needles that are connected - can't lose one, and they don't stick up my sleeves! 

I have a pattern - these patterns from Lorraine at Rainebo Designs are just BRILLIANT!

I bind the pages for each pattern together with yarn - makes it easy for me to take the pattern wherever I go =) 

I have LOTS of patterns - many of which I have not made yet, so customers have a good range to chose from. And they also need to decide which colour yarn they wish to be used, and what "extras". So far there have been hearts, a scarf and overalls in that category, but in time there may be more!!!

Then I knit up the pieces:

and then comes the REALLY fun part of putting them together 

 and LOOK!!!!!

These bunnies can be varied, so here is a few takes on what I have done so far ;)

This bunny is for a little boy - and to me he IS little boy! With movable limbs, he will definitely be a treasured and loved friend =)

Next I was asked to make a princess. And with a change in her stripes, and those eyes which have appealed to many, she is a real girl's girl =)

Did you see that tail? Amazing, huh? I love to work with my customers ideas, and often they are far better than mine - this bunny had a few differences from the "original" design, but they are a real winner =)

Another customer really wanted these gorgeous overalls - but didn't like the idea of the tail being hidden, so we have abandoned the idea of overalls for HER bunny, and they are available for someone else!

Here they are being modelled on that boy bunny (seen above). I think they are real cute, but I guess I could be a bit biased.

I am really hoping that others will see the overalls and get ideas, because once I got the hang of them, they were REAL easy, and could be done in other colours and look amazing!!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Recent orders fulfilled

I continue to receive orders for the blankies - here a dog requested on a candy pink blankie. 
It is great to see all the variety in these blankies =)


More hippos!!!!

I love these hippos - every time they are just so cute! 

The customer decided to get moveable limbs here - all the more fun for the little ones who will receive them! =)

And another hippo ordered for a little grand-daughter! 
This time I posed with the hippo, to give an idea of the size...

They are so cuddly!!!!

A BIG project just for me!

With lots of wool left over from previous projects, I thought a big blanket for myself would be great! And warm! I notice the cold more than I would like, and already the blanket has had much use!

It took about a month to knit... Drove me nearly crazy in some ways, but it was fun to change colours and to watch it grow...

I don't plan on offering these for sale, or even on order. 

Just thought you might like to see what I have been up to! =)

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Look at those ears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2016 has been a big year for new products, and here we have another!

A friend contacted me looking for a toy/friend for a little one, and after showing her what was available, she ordered a little bunny...

"Oh, he's adorable!" - her reaction on seeing this picture says it all, doesn't it?

With moveable limbs, standing 32 cm tall (and this is the smallest of his family) and just gorgeous - this really is another great product from Rainebodesigns!

So, sorry, this one is sold - but please feel free to contact me with your order (contact form on the right) for your own. Options for colour, size, etc are available...

Rattie - the new kid on the block!

Like all rats in the wilds of Sydney, this Rattie is loving with some battle wounds.

As a young rat, he was strong and courageous, but sadly his left arm was hurt in a fierce fight.

Or wait, maybe Rattie is trying out a new dance move?

Why not give him a home? 15cm tall, measuring 18cm from toe tip to tail tip, make of 100% acrylic, he could be yours???

Thursday, May 26, 2016

New product range

Many of the knitting patterns I use are from the amazing Lorraine at Rainebo Designs! 
I LOVE her work - it is just amazing!!! 
My dream would be to design knitting patterns as beautifully as she does =) 
One day, maybe....

I noticed recently that she has a baby animal range, and so went and bought a few of them =)
And as soon as I had got my custom orders under control, I went to work making my first.

Take a look here:

Those little wings just look ready to fly! =)

My kids love these toys, and are SO good at gently picking them up and giving them a gentle hug - because if things went their way - they would keep the lot!!!! =)


At time of writing, little ducky was not sold, I wonder how long it will take before that happens?


Would you say ducky is a girl or boy? Debate is fierce here ;)

A few custom orders!

April was busy with an order for a poncho, which expanded to include 3 beanies! 
They were all in black yarn, which made me feel old - my sight seems to be changing and black was harder to see, but I got it done, and have some very satisfied customers! Yah!!! =)

Made with 10ply 100% wool, this is a very warm poncho for a colder climate, and although winter has not started, has been much used =)

A friend is having her first little bub, and I had the dream of making a baby mobile from hearts - 

How do you think it looks?


After my success with a poncho, I knew I just had to make one for myself =) So although mine is not as long, nor in 10ply wool, it suits my purpose and I am very happy with it!


Yet another blankie has been made - this being my 58th!