Monday, February 29, 2016

A family of love

I knitted a jellybaby family, and was SO thrilled that it was sent all together for a little girl and her two brothers! They have spent hours playing with their little friends!

Polly the pineapple jellybaby

Belinda the berry blue jellybaby

Rufus the raspberry jellybaby

The whole family!

Some custom orders done last year

From time to time I get custom orders for items very different to the animal blankies. 
They have been great for teaching me more knitting techniques!

First there was a monkey - a rather cheeky monkey just about to bite into a banana!

That banana looks SO real!

Then I received a request for a pair of turtles for a wedding anniversary gift...

That boy has style!

The shells were SO fun to work with!

And did you notice? Their hats came off!

Sunday, February 28, 2016

A rather big order!

A customer contacted me with a rather BIG order! Which kept my fingers flying for quite a few days! Fortunately I had some of the blankies pre-done, which meant it wasn't such a huge task...

Actually there was another lamb and another dog, but I didn't get pictures of them! Sorry...

A few smaller orders...

At times I receive orders for a couple of blankies, which is great! Especially when they are different animals... I always find that LOTS of fun!
These gorgeous bunny and elephant pair was for two sisters! Much loved comforters at sleep time...

For boy cousins - just the thing for little boys!
Another of those adorable bunnies, this time for a little girl from her grandma!
Other times someone orders just one blankie for a special gift, and these are just as treasured...
A very girly elephant!

Those ears sold this one!

A precious little girl got this very bright dog on a rainbow!

Which was enjoyed so much, another customer ordered a teddy on a double rainbow!

Just for show...

The following blankies are LOTS of work, and I no longer offer them for order.
But I thought you might enjoy seeing them - they are amazing!


More blankies

I continued to experiment with different blankies, as shown below...
Ellie Elephant has been super popular!

Here is Larry Lamb, who has also proved to be fairly popular, with many colours chosen for the blankie...

The monkey has not proved very popular...

And the pig has also not been so popular.
While the puppy has been quite popular!
Below is an order for one customer:


The beginnings

I started knitting in 2014 and soon found the animal blankies, which have been a really popular item, so opened a "shop" on Facebook, and will use this blog as a platform to display completed products, and show potential customers what they can order!

The very first blankies! Which showed me where I could do little changes to make them MUCH more cute =)
The "fly-away" ears on that bunny soon became a huge component of the cute factor!

This puppy is just SO loveable!

This lamb appears to be at home on a bed of grass!

And this hippo took a while to sell, which surprised me, as I thought she was just "too sweet"!

A cow with a love-heart spot on her forehead! Just reaching out to HUG you! =)