Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Recent orders fulfilled

I continue to receive orders for the blankies - here a dog requested on a candy pink blankie. 
It is great to see all the variety in these blankies =)


More hippos!!!!

I love these hippos - every time they are just so cute! 

The customer decided to get moveable limbs here - all the more fun for the little ones who will receive them! =)

And another hippo ordered for a little grand-daughter! 
This time I posed with the hippo, to give an idea of the size...

They are so cuddly!!!!

A BIG project just for me!

With lots of wool left over from previous projects, I thought a big blanket for myself would be great! And warm! I notice the cold more than I would like, and already the blanket has had much use!

It took about a month to knit... Drove me nearly crazy in some ways, but it was fun to change colours and to watch it grow...

I don't plan on offering these for sale, or even on order. 

Just thought you might like to see what I have been up to! =)