Monday, November 28, 2016

A delightful duo!

Early next year a little boy will be born in America. As he grows up he will learn that his bedroom is the one which looks delightfully like a woodland. And I am hoping that his favourite little "friends" will be the above pictured bunny and his matching friend, seen below...

And yes, that hat comes off - I can't decide when he looks cuter!!!!

Putting them together, you can see just how well they match - that little boy will perhaps be thankful that his grandparents and auntie got together to decide on "welcome to the world" presents!

I am hoping it will be possible to do more combinations like this - it was a LOT of fun!

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Bunnies, bunnies and more bunnies

It is pretty obvious that so far, bunnies are most popular request at Betsy's Boutique.

Here is the gallery of those done this year, though I am working on another order now which includes a bunny! =)

I love the way that the different yarns change the bunny to make it so individual, and even as the producer of these bunnies, I find that there are some of them that I really love more than others! So far, I have enjoyed the small bunnies most - they are not too big and not too small...

Which one is your favourite?