Monday, January 23, 2017

A rattling great gift idea

I was delighted to discover that Lorraine Pistorio at Rainebo Designs had rattles!

This means I can have three different kinds of gifts, for those who have different needs and budgets.

Look at this cute elephant ring rattle!

The flower barbell is just lovely...

And a bee! Those bright colours are sure to grab the attention of any baby!

The pattern suggested that the smily rainbow rattle could be velcroed at each end...

But stitching end to end makes it perfect for little hands to hold without fussing over velcro =)

I LOVE those bright colours!


I sold the above pictured rattles to my sister for use in her business - feel free to pop over and check it out through the link below =)

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Just love this....

I don't always get photos of my toys in their forever homes, but this one is really cute, so just had to share =)

That is a large bunny and a month old bub - almost the same size! 💓

Monday, January 9, 2017

Ballerina Bunny

One of the more popular bunnies has been my variation on the small bunny. I adventurously made up a pattern for skirt, and are now having fun from time to time changing the colours used to create gorgeous friends for girls...

My first was this little girl, bought as a Christmas present for Lucy! I do hope Lucy loves her little bunny! =) 

Then I was asked to make another ballerina for a 3 year old girl who LOVES ballet...

Another perfect Christmas present I hope! =)

Next I needed to give a present myself to a young girl as a going away present...

She is loved to bits, and my little friend has no chance of forgetting me ;)

I am sure there will be more ballerinas... And maybe we can do different skirts =)